Oma and Opa’s

When Jay’s away, or he has a project to do at home, we love to come and stay with Oma and Opa.  The boys don’t mind playing hooky from school and I don’t mind the break from everyday life.  So here we are today on a gorgous June day, just hanging out and enjoying being outside with my parents.

My dad was working on their front walk-way, so Erik was glad to pitch in, after  negotiating his hourly rate of course…

Sarah woke up from a nap and started out like this…

But ended up like this…

We couldn’t contain Sophia today she had to check everything out and would be gone in a flash.  What a day for her to be wearing white jeans!


And Will just did his thing today which is just to play and play and play!   Oma got him to stop for a minute so she could take this…

It was a wondeful day… thank you Oma and Opa!   And Jay, aren’t you glad that Erik could help someone else out for a change?

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