I am Hutterite – Book Review

This is a book I just picked up at the library – but really enjoyed it.  First off, I didn’t even know that there was a group of people called Hutterites – and then I found out there are over 45,000 of them in Canada!

This is a facinating book with a real insight into this culture.    I felt like I was living in the colony along with Mary-Ann and her parents and really enjoyed sharing her life.   The Hutterite colony reminded me in way of what it would be like to live at a church camp,  eating together as a group and going to church every night, and being with the same people all the time, as well as helping one another with everything.  And there were some key things that I loved about how the community works, like when a woman has  baby, they bring her special foods for 6 weeks (how wonderful!) and then she is able to choose a younger girl from the community to help her with the children and housework (better yet!).

When Mary-Ann’s parents left the community, they endured many hardships, and Mary-Ann and her siblings found it a challenge to understand and fit into their new world.  But through it all her mother’s faith in God really shines through and I’m sure that in many ways that was what kept them going and was the key to their success.   The book did leave me wondering where Mary-Ann’s own faith is at, I might have to contact her and ask. 

I would definitly recommend this book!

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