Busy busy busy

We have been one busy family!   It all started Friday, with the fun day at Northdale Public School for the boys, they had a blast!

Then Saturday morning we had a garage sale!  It was fun, but lots of hard work.  I don’t think it’s worth the money for the time you have to invest, but getting rid of junk was a great feeling!

Then Father’s Day, which I kinda dropped the ball on here, I feel bad because I would have liked to do more for Jason.  We did get down to visit my dad which was nice.

Then my mom came yesterday so I could help Erik’s teacher clean her classroom in the afternoon.  After that I took Erik strawberry picking and after the kids were in bed, mom and I made jam!  Thanks for your help mom!

Then today I went with Erik’s class to the Wings of Paradise butterfly conservatory.    We had a great time and the butterflies were beautiful!


So I guess it’s no surprise that I’m exhausted!   But it’s been a blast!