William’s Field Trip

Yesterday was William’s all day end-of-year field trip.  The kids love this trip which starts out the morning with going to a movie – then a trip to park and a picnic, then they go to a cooking class in the afternoon, it’s so much fun!    I have never gone on this field trip, but I meet the kids at the park for lunch, which is a great way for me to participate.  And I brought the girls with me and they loved it too!

Here’s Will with his good friend playing on the playground…

And our student teacher who has been AMAZING!  She is also great with babies and Sophy loves her!

And here is William’s class picture – plus the morning JK and SK class.   

 We are so terribly sad that Mrs. Tobin is retiring this year, which means that she won’t be teaching Sarah and Sophia.   She has been such an amazing teacher and Erik and William have learned so much for her.   We love you Mrs. Tobin!

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