Cottage Weekend…

We just had such a relaxing time at the cottage this weekend.   However, on Friday our camera was dropped and is no longer working, I’m so bummed!   I couldn’t find the power cord for our old one so no camera at the cottage, so bear with me.

[Here] is where I would have put the picture of Sophia sampling the kids crayons… I’m not sure what colour she liked best, but this morning I found a bit in her diaper…. silly Sophy!

[Here] is where I would have posted the picture of the huge sea-wall the kids constructed down by the beach.  The best thing was, it was just on the verge of being too close to the lake so that the larger waves would erode it.  This meant the kids had to keep building it up, which they did for quite a few hours.    Note to self – a GREAT way to keep kids occupied for hours! 

[Here] is where I would have posted a picture of the kids and their friends.  Erik played with the little girl next door who was visiting her grandma… it was so cute because they are both the same age, and spent quite a bit of time just TALKING…  which her mom and  I found surprising and amusing.     Our good friends were up from Michigan at their cottage nd so William had a playmate in Brendan who is the same age as him and they had a riot, definitly partners in crime.   Sarah had Dana who is also just a bit younger than her.   We realized early on that both girls were cut from the same cloth, so there was a teeny bit of competition on Saturday and a few tears, but by Sunday things were sorted out and they played really well together.

And [Here] is where I would have put pictures of the flooding that was happening just before we left.  Apparently that area has been saturated with rain for the past while, so the downpoor that we got Sunday afternoon just created a massive amount of water that came down the hill behind the cottage and was severely erroding the road and creating mini rivers.  It was crazy and just a little bit worrying when Jason said that water was getting into the upstairs cottage.  I really hope that’s the last bit of rain that area gets for a while!

So now we are back and ready to celebrate Erik’s birthday and finish school this week, YEAH!

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