Erik’s Birthday

Erik turned 7 yesterday!     And it was a fun-filled pretty busy day.   And because the school year was so long this year, he got to have his birthday at school, which meant that he got to hear his name on the announcements (he liked that) and then we brought cupcakes for his class too, something he’s never been able to do before! 

Here he is in the morning, ready to open his first present…

And then here he is really getting into the unwrapping of another present later in the day…

And here he is, pretty excited about his present,

His grandma and grandpa took him out for lunch, which he really enjoyed too.  It’s such a great tradition and so nice for him to feel like a special kid and get some one-on-one attention.

Here are the boys and their cousins flexing some muscles playing tug-of-war, before going out to play some mini-golf. 

And here he is blowing out the candles on his cake with some help from his brother…

So it was a fabulous day and there is still more birthday to come when we get together with Jason’s side of the family and we’ll see Oma and Opa sometime soon too!


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