Good-bye school…

Well school is out for the summer and Tuesday, being our last day should have been happy, but it wasn’t.  I cried.  Our  school has closed it’s doors for good and we had to say good-bye to teachers and friends.   Small schools like ours are apparently not cost-effective, so it’s time to make way for BIGGER and BETTER!   But we loved our small school, only one class of each grade, where the teachers knew EVERY student’s name, and everyone looked out for each other’s kids.

Now thankfully the boys weren’t really sad (hello –  summer vacation!) but they will probably miss the school more in the fall when they are bussed to a larger school further away.  I’m so glad kids are resilient and everyone says that school is great too.  I hope so!

So this is definitely one good thing that came to and end.   Here’s Erik as I dropped him off in the morning of his last day at our school…

And William hanging his back-pack on his hook for the last time….


On the bright side, it is summer vacation and it is WONDERFUL not having to get 4 little people fed and dressed and out the door before 9 every morning.  And so for a few months we can forget that it’s over and hopefully we’ll be more reconciled to the change in the fall.

I am very thankful that the boys were able to attend here for the 3 years that we did.  And we’ll see what the Lord has in store for us next year.  But for now, it’s good-bye dear school and thank-you for all the wonderful memories!

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