Summer Bible reading…

I just love this when this happens… my daily devotions, so my daily Bible reading and prayer time has grown a little stale, and I was wondering what book of the Bible to read next, or if I should start a devotional, or what I should do.  So I’ve been praying about and asking God for some direction.

Well yesterday morning in church,  Norm, our pastor asked how everyone was doing with the Bible reading program they had talked about last week!!!!!   How cool is that?   They set up a reading program just for me.  haha 

Now we were away last week, but I was eager to find out what it was all about, so this morning I logged onto Harvest Bible Chapel’s Website found here….

Found the info for the reading program and it’s so cool!    The Bible has been divided up into 10 sections, groupings that make sense and seem very do-able.    So I’m eager to get started but  I’m not going to start at the top, I think that reading Job, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon this summer will be just right – plus that’s 62 chapters.. perfect!

I’m so thankful for a fresh way to read the Bible,  courtesy of Harvest, and leading from the Lord.

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