Things I’m thankful for…

This has been one hot week.  I had read that environment Canada was predicting a hot and dry summer, but that was earlier in June when all it seemed to do was rain and I really didn’t believe them.  But now I do!   With another day of over 30 degree temps,  we have spent more time inside than I thought we would, but I’m really thankful to be able to cool down in the pool, and these little guys like it too…

And it’s hard to get this little froggy out of the pool she loves it so much.   Sophia… she’ll come in if she has too, but it’s not her favourite.  It probably doesn’t help that every time she comes in, someone manages to splash water in her face!

But what I’m really thankful for is that after visiting Sarah’s asthma specialist yesterday,  he decided that Sarah can come off her daily steriod maintance puffer for now.    We will now just wait and see what happens when she gets her next cold, and if she manages it OK, she won’t have to go back on it.  I’m not against using medication when needed, but it’s nice not to be on it if we don’t have to be.  

So I’m glad to find some things to be thankful for in this extreme heat… and I think it’s time for another swim!

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