A full pool and a quiet house…

Another beautiful hot July day!  And this is what our pool looked like a few hours ago…

Full of people!  My brother Jason and his 5 kids were in there along with my dad and my kids.  I was in there too with Sophia, but of course I cropped me out of the picture.   Of course I did, I’m the one who maintains this blog and I have rights!

But now the house is quiet and will be REALLY quiet tomorrow because Will and Sarah are off Oma and Opa’s for a few days, hurrah!    Thanks Oma and Opa!  

And they were happy to go, but Sarah took her smile off for my pic of course.   Just like this pic I took earlier of her and cousin Rachel… 

What a peach!   Anyway,  with 2 of the kids away combined with Erik being gone all day to day-camp this week means 2 days at home with just Sophia!   And she naps so it’s like a  mini-vacation.    I’m am so excited to be able to do what I want  to do… WOW, it’s amazing!   Probably some sewing and gardening and maybe just a little novel reading and chocolate eating.   It’s sounds heavenly. 🙂

Gotta love summer!

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