No cheese pizza and rained out soccer

For the past month I’ve had some digestive problems that have resulted in 8 lbs on weight loss (the bright side I guess) so guess what I had for dinner tonight… you guessed it, cheeseless pizza, which actually wasn’t too bad.   I’ve had some tests done and will be seeing my doctor again this week, but for now, no dairy and not a lot else actually.  It’s BORING, but it is helping so I won’t complain.

And William had his final soccer game on Saturday, but they only played for about 10 minutes before they stopped the game because of heavy rain.  Watching William play soccer is kinda fun, first because he’s in the under 5 league which means the kids are all huddled in a mass around the ball and secondly because we didn’t realize just how fast William was… he always seems to start from behind, but just seems to easily lope to the front of the pack.  He and another little boy that looks just like him ended up scoring most of the goals for the team, and it was neat to watch them play together.  The best part is, this little boy Josh goes to the school that William will be attending in the fall, so now William today was saying he was excited to go to this new school, AWESOME!

You can see how everyone is quite soaked, but the kids didn’t seem to mind as they played, but thankfully the game was cut short.   So that’s soccer for this year,  it should be just as exciting next time around!

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