Our first butterfly!

Our first butterfly emerged yesterday from its chrysalis.  I noticed that the chrysalis was getting dark on Sunday, so Sunday night I moved it from the bug box to a piece of wood overtop of a plastic container so it would be easier to see.  Monday morning I forgot to check it, but then when Erik went over around 10:00 am he noticed the butterfly had already come out!

In a few hours she (I’m pretty sure it was a female) was flapping her wings and a pool of moisture started to collect underneath it as the wings were drying. 

Erik got a little concerned that it would take flight and be flying around our house, so we made a quick call to Mrs. McCaw, our butterfly advisor and she suggested moving it outside to finish drying.  Plus, she pointed out that it was a perfect day for butterflies, sunny and warm.   So I took it outside, it got a little agitated from the move, so as soon as it got out the front porch it made a quick flight to this bush, where it spent a few more hours drying off and then left.

It really seems like a miracle, that this beautiful butterfly can come from such a tiny egg, fit into that tiny chrysalis and all within a month!   God is amazing and his creativity just astounds me!  

Well, we have four more chrysalis’ and three more caterpillars, so there is more excitement to come!

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