We’re back!

Well in all honesty, we’ve been back from a week, but it takes some time to get one’s life in order when you’ve been gone for 3 weeks.  In fact,I’m pretty sure I’ll have everything packed and unsorted just in time to pack up again to go back to the cottage for labour-day weekend, but I digress.

We had such a wonderful time.  The weather was great, the time we spent with friends was great and three weeks of cottage living definitely agreed with us.  

One thing that we started last year that was a real high-light was hiking some of the trails in Kincardine – which in itself is such a beautiful town.  

Here’s the gang on a bridge…

I was so proud of Jason, he carried Sophy on his back for this hike which was over an hour-long – and she’s HEAVY!  We were going up and down hills and here and there, so it was definitely quite a work-out for him!

And Erik – he was so prepared!  He brought a first-aid kit, walkie-talkies and water-bottles, he is just like my dad!  And definitely more prepared than his parents – I didn’t even think to bring snacks!  (I think Sarah had toys in her knapsack.)

It was really fun and Will said it was the best adventure of his life!    We ended up at the park where we got this pic.. and yes, it is really hard to make four small children sit still and look at the camera and smile at the same time.  Oh well!

I’ll be posting more of our vacation when I get another free minute!