Back to school….

Well we got the first day back to school under our belts… and everything went really well.  I was organized last night, had lunches made, kids clothes laid out, house tidy and so it wasn’t too bad to get everyone out of the house by 8:35 to walk down to the bus stop.  This is all new for us – last year when we were at our lovely small school we walked or drove, but now we are far enough away from our new big school that the kids are bused.    The really neat part was that all the parents from our neighbourhood were there and it felt like we were all back at the old school and that was just lovely.

So I tried to take a picture of everyone before we left, but people weren’t in a very cooperative mood…

But that’s OK – Erik was still smiling at the bus stop…

And when he left on the bus…

But by the time we saw him at lunch when we brought Will to start his first day, I had to peel Erik off of me, hand him to his teacher and run.   He was just over-whelmed and upset and he just wanted to go home.  But I knew he would be OK, he just really doesn’t like change!  This is the kid who got REALLY upset when we replaced the windows in his bedroom in the spring (they were his favourite windows of all-time of course) – change is harder on him than most. 

SO William was a little nervous when we brought him at noon.  The SK’s started this afternoon and then the JK’s come tomorrow.  It’s too bad that it’s now an all-day EVERY day program for the JK’s and SK”s at our school, I just feel bad for the little turkey’s being at school for so long… but I had been planing on taking William home everyday at lunch, but as it turns out, that would mean he would miss library, math and gym, always.  So I think I might just send him 3 or 4 days a week – just so I can spend some time with him and to give him a break.   So here he was when we dropped him off looking a little nervous…

But he was all smiles when he came bounding off the bus after school.  So I said, “How was school Will?”

To which he replied, “GREAT!!!!” 

Thankfully Will is confident, doesn’t mind change and loves people.  He loves it already, which is so nice. 

So that was our day.  I’m tired now though but we gotta do it all again tomorrow!

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