A Fall Parade…

Today the kids and I travelled down to my home-town to see the fall parade.   It’s part of the fall fair, and we normally go to and enjoy the fair as well, but it was kinda wet and over-cast today, so we just watched the parade.   The day actually started out beautifully-  and I should know because I had the kids loaded in the van before 8:00 am… (Jay stayed home to get some stuff done) so we had a beautiful drive down, but soon after we got to my parents, it started clouding over.  The ironic part is that they pretty much had a drought there all summer, with no rain in August at all –  and then it had to go and rain on today of all days.  But like I said, it stopped, so it didn’t rain on our parade. 🙂  (Sorry, had too say it)

The kids really enjoyed watching the parade, and it was a pretty great parade.   It had lots of  floats (and tractors) and lots of candy thrown for the kids – which was probably their favourite part.

Opa finally sprung sweet Sophy from her stroller, I just love those little pink boots!

And we even got to see my brother Dan and his wife Jenilynn and my nephew Ty, who is just a few months older than Soph.  They had watched the parade right across the road from us.

And then back to Oma and Opa’s for some lunch and some time with my sister-in-law Erin and little Katie – who is such a sweetie!   Sarah was keeping the girls entertained, she loves babies and is mostly good with them.  🙂

A little while later when Sarah was at aunt Erin’s house (so Oma and I could go to the junk shop to search for treasures) she was playing with Erin and baby Katie,  but Sarah clearly wanted aunt Erin to herself when she said that  Katie – who was happy and doing just fine – really should have a nap, a really LONG nap because Katie was really cranky.  HA!  Don’t tell me that three-year old’s don’t know how to work the system!

So we had a really great day with Oma and Opa.   We indeed did find treasure at the junk store (seriously, the greatest place, but it’s so junky they condemned the building!!!) and although Erik was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to enjoy the fair, the next fair that we go to with Grandma and Grandpa is just around the corner!

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