Chocolates and Cousins

Last night I ventured into the world of home-made chocolates.  My dear sister (in-law) Shelly has been making them for years and this year I though I’d like do some too.   So she graciously agreed to let me make them with her, so last night we got together and got to work! 

Shelly’s favourite fillings are homemade caramel (YUM!), mocha truffles and peanut butter balls, so we made these kinds last night.    Shelly made the caramel filling at home – she’s been doing it for years and even though they can be tricky (according to her) the batch came out perfect last night – smooth and creamy and so so delicious!   She had poured out the caramel on parchment paper and let it cool and then cuts in into squares and rectangles and then dips them all in milk chocolate and they are amazing!  

The mocha truffles are very easy as well, they are melted chocolate and cream cheese blended together with instant coffee.   You mix them, cool them,  roll them into balls and cover them with dark chocolate.    Done!  Delicious! 

And the peanut butter balls – so easy, so yummy, they taste like reese peanut butter cups.   They are easy to make and fun to dip and I should have made 6 times the recipe instead of 3, so I will  definitly have to make more.

So that was last night, and then today was  part II of our kid swap.    Two weeks ago Jay (my big brother) and Shelly took our 4 for the day and so today after breakfast they dropped their 5 off here.   It’s a win/win situation for everyone.  The kids are thrilled to spend the day with their cousins and Shelly and I are thrilled to ge t a quiet day where we can get some things done!

The older boys spent time playing outside in the sunshine and then in the basement apparently laundering money haha.  They make up the craziest games and then spend hours playing them.  With 5 boys aged 5-11, it’s hard to believe I only had to intervene about 3 times, and those were for incidents just between Erik and Will!!!    They got along so well, it’s nice to see.    And Sarah and her cousin Rachel spent the entire day playing, playing, playing.    They played house where Rachel was the mom and Sarah was the dad – too cute – and they coloured and then coloured some more and they didn’t even bicker once.   They were so sweet together and Rachel says they are ‘best friends.’

And even the babies played well.  Zachary is so cute and as he and Sophy are just about the same size and have the same colour hair, we’ve taken to calling them twins.   Its was nice being able to have him here too – he played so nicely I didn’t even know I had another toddler underfoot.    He went home for naptime, but I’m looking forward to having him here again!

So we all ate supper together when Jason and Shelly came back with pizza, the adults played a game of Settlers – Cities and Knights and the kids played some more.   We finished up, they left, we put our very sleepy children to bed.  It was just a really nice day.  And days like this make me very thankful for our familes, we are blessed.

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