Painting at Omas

Yes, it’s a rainy Monday.  Yes, my two boys should be in school and when we first got up this morning, that was the intention!  But after breakfast William said he wanted to stay home because he has a cold and wasn’t feeling so hot so that left Erik who always finds Mondays tough.  And to top it off, today I planned to bring Sarah to my mom’s so she could spend a few days with Oma.   So we all came.  It’s nice, I like us doing things all together and I know school is important, but family is important too!  

So here we are having a fun relaxing day,  and Oma took the time to paint with the kids after lunch… my budding artists…

William, deeply concentrating…

Sarah, hard at work…

And me, having a little snuggle time with Sophia who feel asleep on me.  It feels so good to snuggle a baby!

I don’t think I could have thought up a better way to spend a rainy November Monday!

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