Well the day that my kids have waited for arrived today – a day where we woke up to snow that had stayed and accumulated… hurrah!    Hurrah for the kids, but I’m thinking, ‘Oh great, snow pants!”    But I’m happy to say that it all went off without a hitch and we actually got to the bus stop early.      Everyone co-operated, probably because they couldn’t wait to go outside and I was quite amazed how well it all went.   (Now ask me again in March how things are going I’ll probably have a different story to tell.) 

The girls and I played outside for a while after the boys got on the bus…


And of course Sophy took off her mitts to play – of course she did!    But I’m thankful she loves the snow and even though she’ll spend a winter with freezing cold hands and will probably ingest gallons of snow, I’m grateful for the bus stop that forces us to go outside twice a day for some excercise and fresh air.   And I’m really grateful that this year the boys do take the bus so I don’t have to bundle everyone up and then stuff them in the van!   

So the snow it here, it’s December…  it really is starting to feel like Christmas!

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