Snow daze…

So today it’s back to school after 4 days of a massive dumping of snow that hit our area, and 3 days off of school as all the schools were closed!  I can not remember that happening ever before.  The kids just loved it.    And it was fun having the kids home, and when they get a little rowdy, I just kicked them outside!    The amount of snow is really unbelievable, I just read in the paper that some areas will have ended up with 140 cms of snow, when our normal winter average here is 200 cm!!!    Needless to say we are buried…

The kids just had a ball even when daddy was throwing them in the yard, and yes, they were practically buried in the drifts…

and they even love to shovel, which as they get bigger will only get better.

And because of the copious amounts of hot chocolate my kids have been consuming, I had to send Jason to the store for milk (which they were almost out of during the storm) but I forgot to tell him to get hot chocolate mix, another necessity in this weather.  So off to google I went and found this recipe for homemade chocolate syrup…    it actually tastes great, uses the ingredients I have on hand and obviously doesn’t have any artifical flavours or colours and no hydrogenated oils which can plague regular hot chocolate mix.  I just mixed it up, stuck the rest in the fridge and we are set! 

So now back to the snow, they are calling for more on Sunday night, but at this point we just say,  ‘Bring it on!”  Maybe we can set some records!

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