My conversation with Sophia…

Oh the toddler years and the terrible twos.  Take Sophy, she is such a sweet happy child and hasn’t really given me a moment’s trouble.  She loves to cuddle and read books and play…   but since Christmas I seem to have a different child on my hands.  One who is sweet in happy one minute and then the next is yelling in utter frustration because YOU have to put her coat on her, when she wants to do it HERSELF.  And even though you had been patient for 10 minute watching her try to put it on,  you  eventually have to put it on for her because she keeps putting it on upside down and the clock is ticking and the bus is coming and the rest of the kids are waiting and you have the leave the house NOW.   Phew… it’s just Sophy and the terrible twos.  Where she is transformed daily from sweet cooing baby to screaming banshee… where she wants to do everything herself and doesn’t want any help and can yell louder than all three other kids put together.  She currently has to put her socks on herself and try to put her pants on herself.   Has to peel her clementine oranges by herself and put her yogurt on her granola by herself (and yes, she will dump her granola out if you try to do it for her.)  And here she is sitting on the potty all by herself… fully clothed…

And no, I’m not trying to train her, but after she was trying to climb up to sit on the big potty, I thought I would oblige her by getting out the potty for her to play with.  She loves it.   It’s in her room and she calls me up there to show me that she’s sitting on it just the big 19 month old girl that she is.   Now, I don’t hold out any hope that she’ll be able to do the zipper up on her coat for 2 more years even though she tries daily, but if she potty trains herself within the next year or so, I would be one happy mother.

Anyway, the other day this conversation that Sophy and I used resurfaced.  We used to have this conversation daily, where she would ask me the same question up to 20 times and I would always give her the same answer.   Toddlers love repetition and I just couldn’t resist sharing.  

2 thoughts on “My conversation with Sophia…

  1. Oh Lisa, I totally remember when my sweet little Erin started acting like that, at that exact age, and I still have that conversation with Erin very regularly, too!
    Sophia is so cute…thanks for sharing!

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