Tea with Leopards

Oh my – has it really been over a week since I’ve posted?  I’m so bad!  How can January be so busy?   Oh well, at least it’s flying by quickly for me!

So Since Christmas I’ve noticed that Sarah has started to play with stuffed animals, which is great because we have a zillion of them and I was hoping that someone would play with them someday.   She carts around one or two for a day and then moves on.    This leopard is the flavour of the week right now so he came to our tea party yesterday, it kinda makes me think of Hobbes having tea with Susie…except Hobbes was a tiger as we all know.

I’m still so tickled with the china cups and tea-things that I got for Sarah at this wonderful junk store and paid peanuts for.  And maybe I did get them somewhat for my benefit, I just really don’t like drinking real tea out of tiny plastic tea cups.   William like the blueberry tea at our party (it was earl grey – again for my benefit) and who cares that the kids drink more sugar than tea, part of the fun of the tea party is scooping 5 tsp of sugar into your cup and then pouring your tea-cup full of milk until it’s almost over-flowing.  Just living the dream.  

So it’s become apparent that our children do NOT like  hanging around home Sunday afternoons… are we that boring?   Two weeks ago when we were driving to church they asked what we were doing that day…..  going to our cousins?   Oma and Opa’s?  Grandma and Grandpas?   But going home was NOT an option.   Since we had nothing planned we whipped out the phone and called my parents, and they were happy to have us come, so after church we headed there, an hour away… in the snow, and not really prepared.  I like to make sure I have hats and mitts and warm coats and blankets and the whole 10 yards when I travel in the winter, but we were in Jason’s truck and had nothing.     Jason on the other hand is a risk taker and he said we would be fine and we were.  But still.

So this past weekend – again to avoid boring home – we took advantage of Grandpa and Grandma being out and went to hang at their house.  They have a hot tub and Wii and they live out in the country and it was like our pseudo winter get-away.  And it’s a bit of work packing for just one night, but if you don’t do it, you just miss out.  

There is just something about other people’s toys…


And then we all took a great walk in the woods behind their house.  Well, Sophy was carried, she would have liked to walk but the snow was too deep.

I’ve also realized that I have a thing for landscapes – as in taking pictures of them.  Jason thinks they are boring, but I like them!   So here is one from the weekend..

It doesn’t really rival the one I took last year when we were out there.  I really wish I had had my good camera at the time!

Anyway, this is what happens when you don’t post for a while,  you end up with long rambling posts!  I really think it’s time to move the computer up from the basement so I can be more productive!

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