Crazy dreams and arctic blasts…

So last night I dreamt I had triplets… yes triplets.   And then in my dream I was having a hard time doing the math, I couldn’t figure out if I now had 7 or 8 children. .. and really, when you have that many, does it really matter?   I do remember that one of the babies was a boy, but the babies didn’t really seem like newborns, more like a few months old but I was just glad that the weight I had gained was baby weight… ha!     I’ve always been a terrific dreamer, and most of the time I just find them very entertaining in their odd way. 

And talking about entertained,  it’s getting hard to entertain these children when you can’t kick them outside because it’s too cold outside!  Yesterday the kids had indoor recess at school because they deemed it too cold for kids to play outside and looking at the forecast and seeing -25 C with the wind chill does make one think twice about going outdoors.    So yesterday  I just had to do what anyone would do in this kind of weather, I made chocolate chip cookies and then curled up on the couch with a coffee and book.  And I didn’t make just any chocolate chip cookies, I pulled out the big guns,  in fact, this is what  the recipe says on it…

Ok – it’s a little blurry, it says, “these are why Sophy was 10 lbs”  My sister-in-law Shelly made me a batch before Sophia was born and then I got the recipe from her and kept making them and eating them and that’s what I blame Sophy’s birth weight on… that and the fact that she was a week overdue.  But they are so worth it… in fact I think there is only one left, I better go hide it.

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