Complicated Cuddling…

Who knew that cuddling could be such a chore?  Sophy woke up early from her nap today and when I have time I like to cuddle her on my bed for a while.  She likes to snuggle when she first wakes up but today I think I almost regretting it.  She had to have her ‘lovey’ (a bunny blanket that she sucks her thumb with) a blanket from her crib and this little pillow with us while we were trying to cuddle and we just couldn’t get everything in right place to her satisfaction…  she kept wiggling and wanting things to be moved until I just gave up.  It is apparent we are going to have to work on stream-lining cuddling again.  Who knew?

So Sarah just had her birthday and every time someone here has a birthday I make a cake from scratch.  Since my mother-in-law Mudite gave me America’s Test Kitchen Baking cook-book,  every cake I bake comes out of there and they are AMAZING cakes.  Complicated I think, but really really good.   So for Sarah’s birthday I made the chocolate sheet cake recipe rather than the layer cake recipe because I thought it would be fun to decorate it.   I know I’ve never done a nice job decorating cakes in the past, but you can’t get past this crazy thing called hope.   Anyway, I thought I would decorate the top like a big candy because Sarah loves candy… so I went and bought all this candy, decorated the cake and this is how it turned out…

Utterly ghastly.    Really awful.   And it’s not just because it’s sitting next to the professionally decorated cake.  It looks just that bad or worse on it’s own.  When Jason’s cousin saw it she asked, “Oh, did Sarah decorate it herself?”  I should have answered ‘yes’, but I owned it.  I’m awful at cake decorating, I really am.   This is going to be added to the list of things I should never really attempt untill I have professional training.    It can join ‘never pick out my own paint colours’ somewhere at the top of the list.    The only saving grace was that it was yummy… it really was.

2 thoughts on “Complicated Cuddling…

  1. I LOVE the decorated candy cake! Much more interesting. Trust me, I’ve made some pretty awful cakes and they’ve looked absolutely horrible. For my daughter’s first birthday I made a cake with a butterfly iced on it. Oh dear. At least, I think it was supposed to be a butterfly. Don’t worry, your cake was WAY better than my disaster. Not to worry though, Sarah will love it anyway! Nice to see you (briefly) today.

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