We’re sick

There are currently four of us home with fevers today.  William has strep throat, Sarah has a low-grade fever from who knows what and Sophia has a fairly high fever and I have a low-grade fever.  I think I have the typical flu – influenza that is –  with a sore throat, runny nose, cough and swollen glands and fever.  Yuck.  I haven’t had the flu in years!  I’m afraid Sophy might have it too and I feel the worst for her.  The poor little monkey has been sleeping most of the day and when she’s awake wants to be cuddled and she just doesn’t seem comfortable.   William is fine on Advil and as soon as I can get some antibiotics in him he will be great I’m sure.  And Sarah is acting fairly normally so I’m grateful for that.

On the bright side, its cold, it’s February, we have nowhere to go and so we’re just hunkered down, watching TV and cuddling.  I’ve been giving everyone extra doses of vitamin D and hopefully we get through this quickly!  Erik is perfectly healthy and mad as a hopper that he’s not sick… all he wants to do is stay home from school and in his mind it’s just not fair that everyone else is sick and not him.  And I feel for him because he probably will get sick this weekend and then he will miss Valentine’s Day at school and his skating field trip on Tuesday.  I hope not poor kid!

Here’s another silver lining in my sickness cloud…

My geranium is blooming again!  I brought this plant in in the fall from my summer pots and it bloomed until after Christmas, then stopped.  I fertilized it and have been watching it closely as I saw new blooms developing and finally, they popped!   It’s so cheerful and it makes me happy when I look at it, and I just envision it on the pool deck again soon.     Spring will come, HAS to come and we’ll all get better soon, I just know it.

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