Goodwill Bookstore

I adore reading, I read read read read.  My favourite thing to read is novels, but I can read most anything as long as it’s interesting.   So a month or so ago, a friend told me how much she loved the Goodwill Bookstore here it town I decided to check it out.   

It went beyond my expectations. Now, I went without kids as my mom had come down for the day and that probably helped right there, but I found it clean and bright and all the books were amazingly well-organized.  The novels were alphabetical, the reference books were all in their own sections and it was easy to find what I was looking for.   In preparation for going I had written down the names of authors whose books I would love to add to my library, and I found these gems… 

Two Farley Mowat books , ‘the Dog who wouldn’t be’ and ‘The Boat who wouldn’t Float’ and two James Herriot books – ‘It shouldn’t happen to a vet’ and ‘The Lord God made them all”.    I was SO excited because not only were they in great shape, I didn’t have to spend hours looking through shelves and shelves of musty books.   I know that I can go on EBAY or amazon and find these books, but then I’ll be paying shipping and I would much rather support a local charity!

I grew up reading these books and I’m always attracted to people who’s writing is humorous and these guys fit the bill.  I LOVED James Harriot’s humorous books about veterinarian life back in the day in England…  and I actually can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of ‘Owls in the Family’ by Farley – which was one of my favourite books as a kid.  

So I’m looking forward to more book buying expeditions.   Jason might not be however because my bookshelves are already over-flowing and I still have to find homes for these finds!

2 thoughts on “Goodwill Bookstore

  1. i love james herriot too… my husband totally doesn’t get why i find these books so so so so funny! still haven’t hit that bookstore yet and it’s so close to my house. what is my problem?

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