Fun with forts…

Yesterday afternoon the kids begged me to make them some forts, so I agreed.   I still think there is an un-tapped market for some kind of ‘fort-fastener’ – a way to easily attach blankets to furniture, but we just did it the old-fashioned method of drapping and the kids had a riot.

This little turkey…

 doesn’t quite have the fine motor skills to successfully navigate a fragile fort, and I was constantly being called in for damage control to the cries of “Sophy! You wrecked our fort!”   But that was just minor and they had fun for hours, until they decided they would like to sleep in their forts.   I hate being the bad guy, but the family room just isn’t the place for over-night sleep overs for children, because it’s the location of our only TV and I wanted to watch a movie that night.    So I got off the hook by promising to build them a new fort in the living room that they could sleep in that night, but I really was secretly hoping that they would forget about it.   They didn’t forget…

And everything was going really well until William’s glow bracelet starting leaking.  Erik just couldn’t handle the potential poisonous toxins that were probably being emitted, and so choose to go to his room and sleep in his own bed out of harm’s way.  William and Sarah stayed and were quiet, fell asleep at once and didn’t get up until the morning.  Maybe there was something in that bracelet?    

I’m so glad that they get so much enjoyment out such a simple thing but if anyone ever figures out a better way to attach a blanket to a couch, I’d be all over it!

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