Crayon Candy Cushions

A few weeks ago when Will was home sick he wanted to do a craft.  A CRAFT… this is William who does crafts at school but rarely wants to do them at home because he’s too busy running around and playing, so when he asks I try to comply.  This is the craft that he chose…

It was making a cushion that you actually decorate by drawing crayon on fabric… it’s from this book which we’ve gotten alot of use from for years…

So we got to work… coloring on fabric.   It is a little tricky because you really have to keep the fabric taunt, but the kids did a great job… on the first side…

But apparently it was too time consuming, so both Erik and William had me colour the other side of their cushions, with firm  instructions on how I was to do it… just in case I couldn’t quite figure it out.    As you can see, both boys coloured their cushions as close to the cushions in the picture as they could.  When I tried to tell them they could decorate their own cushions however they wanted, they just looked at me like I was crazy.   They were making the cushions FROM THE BOOK,  what was wrong with me? 

So after they coloured them,  (as you can see Sarah wasn’t bound by any such notions – although I did add the green diamonds for her at her request) I ironed them, on newspaper, crayon side down with wax paper between the iron and the cloth.    it was really cool because you could see the crayon melt, and then it soaked right in to the fabric, so you couldn’t even tell they were coloured with crayon… it just dyed the material.   How cool is that?

Then I sewed and stuffed them and voila – candy cushions coloured by crayons.   The kids love them – which I know because I find them all over the house – but best of all, I made my William happy! 

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