What do you do with a kid…

–  Who is so smart, but will do almost anything to NOT to have to go to school

–  Who thinks that taking apart an old tape-player is the best way to spend a Saturday morning (ME – “Erik, can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning?”  ERIK “Mom, there is no better way.) 

–  Who after missing the bus home for the second time in a row and facing my wrath says, “Mom, I’m just as upset about this as you are.”

– Who thinks the worst part about school is recess (yes, I know, it’s bewildering)

–  Who when he is home sick, plays school and teaches his siblings about ‘matter‘ (By the way, I wouldn’t know the first thing about describing matter to someone else – unless I googled it first)

– Who is so concerned about the kid in his class with a peanut allergy that I can barely convince him to take a granola bar to school for his own snack that ‘might contain nuts’.

–  Who when he does go back to school on Tuesday after being sick on the weekend tries to talk the school secretary into calling me so he can come home because he might be ‘contagious’

–  Who thinks it’s a travesty if I throw away a cardboard box before he can make something with it. 

– Who was just a little digusted with Western’s Engineering camp that he attended last summer because they took time away from making things to play.  I mean good grief, he didn’t go there to PLAY!

– Who when Jason even mentions a project that he wants to do in the house, Erik has his tools ready and badgers Jason until he starts and then is in there like a dirty shirt 

–  Who still loves to be cuddled before bed (Thank-goodness!)

–  Who when I bring him to the bus stop in the morning will come back for just another kiss 10 times if he can

–  Whose freckles on his nose look just like brown sugar and are twice as sweet

Any ideas?    Well after some careful thought and consideration I’ve decided to just keep on loving him to bits, and teaching him and caring for him, this precious gift from God,  even though I do have this uncomfortable vague feeling that at 7 he’s already smarter than I am.   I love you Erik!

7 thoughts on “What do you do with a kid…

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  2. I loved this blog!

    It is so “Erik”, that I laughed out loud. I remember when he was maybe three, he would cuddle with me in the morning and ask. “Oma, can we talk about rockets?”. Soon we would be out of bed and finding videos of NASA launches. The thing is – he remembered everything and next time we would have to find new information! Love you, Erik! Oma

  3. Your son loved when I told him I read this blog. I agree, they should get together. But Andrew may not be serious enough for him! 🙂 I think they’d get along well one on one…

  4. Oh Lisa, he sounds like a cool kid! I think he’s destined to be a scientist of some sort…the new science curriculum is built for kids just like him!

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