Being brave

We have a crawl space.  And like anyone who owns them you know that they are a blessing and a curse.    The blessing part comes in the form of a great storage spot.  The curse comes because it’s a storage spot that you have a to bend over to access,  has lousy lighting and is full of dust and mouse poop.   Well the last two might just apply to our crawl space, but still, I often wonder who decided that a crawl space would be a better use of space than digging down another two feet to create another room.  Someone actually choose a crawl space.  Interesting.   

 The  kids have a love-hate relationship with the crawl space as well.  For them it’s a treasure trove of cool things, in the big part that is general house storage and the smaller part that we keep their excess toys in.   But on the other hand, it’s kinda scary too with its shadows and the furnace and pipes… great fodder for the imagination. In fact Sarah scared the living day-lights out of me a year or so ago when she was in the crawl space with me and pointed off to over the furnace and kept asking me, “Who’s that guy mom?”   EKKKK – let’s just say I got out of there quick.   Here, quick Sophy pic to break the tension…

Don’t you just love her socks?    So yesterday when my plans got changed and I realized I was stuck at home, I girded up my loins and decided that it was a good of time as any to tidy up the playroom and reorganize the toy crawl space.    So off I bravely went in body even though in spirit I was sitting on the couch reading a novel and eating chocolate.       Sarah was looking at all the toys in the crawl space and decided she wanted her doll house, except I didn’t want any more toys out until I was done tidying up the playroom.   So she and William were standing in the doorway of the crawl space looking in longingly and William being the bigger, stronger older brother told Sarah he would get the dollhouse for her to which Sarah replied, “Oh William, you aren’t brave enough!”  in a really concerned, but proud sort of way.  It reminded me of an old movie where the heroine was clutching the hero’s arm as he vowed to save her.   William  was brave enough, got the doll-house and the rest was history, as in they played beautifully together and fought beautifully together the rest of the afternoon.

So my point?   Opps, I don’t really have one,  I just wanted to let you know that I am being a little productive this March, even though it is cold and spring won’t officially arrive for 19 more days and I really don’t feel like doing anything.  March should be a great time to do spring cleaning, but I would rather just nap.   And I wanted to point out that  William is brave.  

Here’s another Sophy pic…

I think her lunch yesterday may have have been a little too boring…  maybe something like this post. 🙂

One thought on “Being brave

  1. Forgetting what is stored can be interesting too! Remember when you were a kid, Lisa and your room reeked one summer, even though we kept cleaning it and looking for the source of the smell. Then we found it! Hardboiled, coloured Easter eggs safely hidden away from your brothers on the ledge of your closet door!
    A summer surprise!

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