Cousins Rock…

My kids are very blessed in the cousin department.  They have 9 cousins currently and that’s not even it yet… there are two more on the way coming this May and July.   And my kids love their cousins, in fact, I have to be honest,  when I was teaching Sarah to pray we included Grandma and Grandpa and Oma and Opa and then I combine everyone else into God bless “all our friends and family”… yes, I’m a wimp.    But lately miss Sarah has wanted to pray for everyone and it takes a long time!!!     But I’m not complaining.   It’s so sweet to hear her pray for her cousin Aidan and baby Katie and the baby in aunt Lija’s tummy and the baby in aunt Jenilyn’s tummy and I think she can remember them all, I just help with the aunts and uncles, that’s can be tricky.  

But on to our cousins.   We’re really blessed because all the cousins are all quite close in age with the oldest one 12 and  the youngest just 4 months younger than Sophia.   So when the kids find out that we are seeing any of them they get quite excited.  And this past weekend was great because we saw them all!   On Saturday we celebrated Grandma’s birthday and we saw Aidan and Liam and then on Sunday we celebrated Opa’s birthday on Sunday and saw Ben, Matt, Nate, Rachel, Zack, Katie and Tyler!   What a great weekend!

Here’s Aidan on Saturday with the cutest smile…

And Liam and the kids had a great time playing and then here waiting to blow out Grandma’s candles…

And silly me, I didn’t take my camera on Sunday because I didn’t think I would need it????   I took quite a few pictures with my sister-in-law’s Canon Rebel (which is almost as good as my Nixon) but she’s pregnant with a toddler so I don’t want to bug her about sending me the pics – something tells me she might need her energy for other things.     So instead of all the cute pictures of the kids having a grand ole’ time with their cousins on Sunday, here’s a pic of another cutie…

What can I say?  She’s my baby and she’s cute and I rest my case.  

But I will say it again… the kids love their cousins!  And I love my nieces and nephews… wow, yes, I keep forgetting that I only have two nieces and 7 nephews – but I did mention that there are two babies on the way… maybe we’ll get some more xx’s to even things up with the xy’s.   I don’t think anyone would mind that! 🙂

One thought on “Cousins Rock…

  1. I wish my kids had cousins! 😦 I loved having cousins growing up, but mine just never will… Guess I’ll have to “adopt” some.

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