Erik is many things as I have shared before here – but he is also very sweet.   This was a surprise that he made for me yesterday on the fence…

It makes me just a little teary.  First off – it’s cool to have kids old enough to do things like this for you and secondly, I love the fact that he knows that  Jason and I love each other!   I guess we’re doing something right… something… and that feels good in the times when you feel like you are probably doing most everything wrong.

But now it’s March break and we are SOOOO excited to have this time off of school… and I’m excited about not having to herd four kids out the door at 8:30 in the morning…  insert huge sigh of relief here.   

We were lucky and got a head start on March break this past week when we packed up, dropped Sophia off at Oma’s (thank-you Oma!) and headed to Ohio to the Kalahari Resort with its indoor water part (I have to thank Grandma and Grandpa here too).  We had an absolute blast.  It was so much fun, their indoor water-park rocks, they even had a great indoor playground for the kids and of course they had an arcade.  Oh arcades, kids love them,  but they just suck your money and you don’t really get anything in return.  But they are smart over there at the Kalahari… I mean really thinking because you have to walk smack dab through the arcade to get to the water park…   oh the lights and the sounds that just lure the kids in.  Gee whiz.

We did have a great time that went largely undocumented as we didn’t have a camera with us.  Our new camera is too big and bulky and we haven’t replaced our point and shoot that got sand in it this summer.  We had Jason’s phone so we took a few pics… here are the kids in the lobby, I know it’s terribly exciting.

And Sarah riding the carousel at the arcade… again, so exciting for her at least.   For me it was very slow and went around about 50 hundred million times.  Thankfully she waved at me every time it went around.

So we were back late Thursday night   and Friday was supposed to be a school day, but we woke up to snow, yes lovely lovely snow, and the buses weren’t running, so we had a snow day!  Everyone was happy about that, especially me as I didn’t have to find my way out of the chaos of coming home to properly send the boys to school in an organized fashion.

Yesterday we played in the snow because I was hoping it was the last snow of the season.. yeah right… but we made a family of snowmen in the perfect packing snow…

And here’s Will playing with Sophia and making her laugh like crazy.  He is SO good with Sophia and I have a sneaking suspicion that he is her favourite sibling.  Even when Sophia was ‘lost’ at church this morning we weren’t that worried because we knew that Will – her faithful shadow would be with her.  And he was, he was just following her wherever she wanted to go, even if that was going where she wasn’t supposed to.   She’s one lucky little girl.    Just like I’m lucky with my wonderful family and a whole March break to lounge around in pajamas and hang out with friends, yahoo!

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