Camera withdrawal…

I miss my camera!   And I’m finding it hard to blog without having pictures to weave my posts together… it’s requiring much more thought and my brain on 6 or so hours of sleep per night is not managing that well.   And it’s not all the kids fault that I’m not getting that much sleep, most of the problem is that  really don’t like going to bed at night.  I like the quiet house and enjoy the time with Jay, and sometimes I’m just TOO tired to put myself to bed.  But the kids aren’t helping.   Sophia has learned the word ‘hungry’, and that’s what she has been at 6:30 this morning and 5:30 the morning before… and to hear her little plaintive voice saying  ‘hun-gee’, ‘hun-gee’, motivates me to crawl out from my warm cozy bed like not much else will.   And then even though I try desperately to resume sleep after, it’s disjointed and restless and so the end result – a very tired mom.   Tonight – tonight is the night that I will get my act together and go to bed early – yes, it’s true, really I mean it, going to bed early, yup, I’m all over it. 

But the kids are good for a laugh even though I can’t take pictures of them.  Like yesterday when  Sarah thought she would help and wash some dishes and solemnly declared that it really is a good idea to take your shirt off when washing dishes so that it doesn’t get wet – and then proceeded to do so.   It’s a good thing she’s four – and it’s a good thing I don’t ever plan on following her advice.   But then she went on to say, WELL ACTUALLY if you really want to do it right, you would put your bathing suit on… which I thought was very resourceful of her, but was thankful it didn’t come to that.  And I’m glad that my dish-washing skills are such that I have never been required to do so myself… bathing suit season year-around… that give me chills.  

In other notes I have an amazing friend who is NOT reading my blog right now because it’s Lent and she’s giving me up… WELL ACTUALLY,  she is limiting her computer time so she can spend more time with her family which I happen to think is wonderful (she’s outlined it here in her blog).   But she willing shared some of her family time with me today and took care of the girls for me for an hour this morning.   And wonder of wonders while I was writing this entry,  she sent me this…

 A Sophia pic that she took this morning!    Thank-you Christa!   How did she know I was in Sophia-pic-withdrawal along with my camera withdrawa?     I have this feeling that a post is never complete without a pic of my littlest sweetie-pie.  

Well I’m hoping that my camera and I will be united soon, I’m also hoping the snow will melt and my house will magically clean itself, but I would settle just for my camera.

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