Spring, where art thou?

So spring is still taunting us here in the cold white North.   Sunday it snowed instead of the rain they promised.  The snow only stayed one night because yesterday was a balmy 14 degrees and kinda rainy, which was just lovely, but then today it’s back down to 4 and it’s snowing… the audacity!    This weather is not motivating me to be produtive, but last week I thought I better do something is case a miracle happens and it actually decides to get warm.   So I sorted through the girls clothes to see what they had and what they needed for summer.   Sophia was in her glory and she wanted to wear ALL the clothes.

In this pic she is sporting 2 dresses, one t-shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of Sarah’s tights to round-out the outfit.  And she wouldn’t let me take a single thing off until bedtime.  At least she was warm. 

And this little turkey is bored with being inside all the time…

She is desperate for friends to play with and is driving her brother’s crazy just because she can.   She’s also currently going through an ‘I-love-dogs” phase.   Our good friend grandma M has a little dog that  Sarah adores…. and when she’s not asking to go over to her house to see the dog, she’s asking when we are getting a dog of our own.   It’s not going to happen.  Sorry sweetie, it’s just not going to happen.     But everything is not fair right now, so I’m hearing quite a bit of,  “Why do they have a dog and we don’t?  It’s not fair!”.      Just like the other day when she asked about some friends of ours, “Why do they have 2 babies and we don’t?  It’s not fair!”    More babies, a dogs, you can see where we would be if Sarah was in charge. 

My brother Dan and his wife Jenilynn came by on Sunday for a visit and that provided a nice distraction from the snow.   Tyler is just a few months older than Sophia and he’s really cute.   The kids had fun playing together…

He’s a little blondie like our kids and fit right in.  He would take Sophia’s cheeks in his hands and look at her and she just stood perfectly still, wondering what the heck her cousin was up too…  we weren’t quite sure either but it was pretty cute. 

Well I can see the sun has decided to come out today.  Maybe it will be out for more than 5 minutes,  warm up a degree or two and we’ll have spring after-all!

One thought on “Spring, where art thou?

  1. Today I pretended that it was spring. I planted pansies in the urns and started giant sunflowers indoors.

    Soon your little ones will be able to go out to play and then come back inside smelling like spring. I love that!
    Love, mom.

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