Confessions of a flibbertigibbet

I should have titled this post, “I’m behind”, because I am desperately behind.  In my housework,  on my blog, outdoor work, you name it.  I think it has something to do with the changing of the seasons.  When snow-suits are co-mingling in the closet with rain boots and the mittens are still out, and the forecast isn’t being too helpful in assuring me that they can all be washed and put away, I get a little over-whelmed.   I hadn’t quite made it to sorting out everyone’s spring clothes when Sunday came along with its 21 degrees and of course we had to scramble for the shorts the boys wanted.   Thankfully they weren’t too hard to find.   I sent Sarah in to put out some spring clothes that I had laid out for her and she came back outside in black corduroys and a long sleeve t-shirt.   Old habits are hard to break.    Not that what she was wearing before was much better.  Doesn’t she look so tough?  

But in truth I have to lay most of the blame on being behind on the fact that I am a flibbertigibbet.  Isn’t that a great word?  I always thought that it was just part of the “What do you do with a problem like Maria” song from the ‘Sound of Music’, but Wikipedia actually recognizes it as  word and gives this explanation. (although I only like the first part).   Our women’s Bible Study has been doing a DVD series by Donna Otto and she called herself one and I could relate.   I like to talk and I don’t like routine.  I’m easily distracted and somewhat scattered, but I also like to think that this has its good points.  I’m not very critical and I tend to only see the good parts and like Maria I am kind.  And I’m very happy to take outdoor pictures of my kids that don’t involve snow-suits.

Just look at concentration.  Something I’m sure I lack.  Apparently for the longest time I didn’t think I was a flibbertigibbet and in my desperate attempt to have my house neat and organized I thought that if I created enough schedules and routines for myself on paper that it would fix my problem.  I had the Flylady’s weekly plan where I was supposed to be doing housework on Mondays,  Paper-work on Tuesday, errands on Wednesdays etc etc… I had even gone as far as creating for myself a time map after reading Julie Morgenstern’s book Time Management from the Inside Out… which was a very enlightening book and very helpful, but even though my time map sectioned off and allocated every hour of my day  things still weren’t getting done.   Probably because I actually never followed my routines.   But they sure looked good on paper!   

Just like this one looks good in a tree.  Just don’t ask him to get out of the tree by himself.

Then on Saturday night I was talking to my sister-in-law Shelly.  She showed me her personality profile that she had done for work,   and she mentioned that she loved creating the routines but hated following them…. wait a minute, that’s ME!!!     How is that I never figured that out before now?      I don’t WANT to do the same thing every day.  I want a whole day with time enough to do the things I want and the things I need without some crazy self-imposed structure.

So this flibbertigibbet is going back to a system I learned last year from Kris Goertzen, (another DVD series we did called Extreme Spiritual Make-over) where each night you take a minute to plan out your next day and list everything that you want to accomplish.  Much better.   I am so relieved that I ripped up my time-map, which by the way felt like a huge weight off my shoulders and now I can just take each day as it comes.  Phew, talk about not knowing yourself, I guess it’s just another symptom of my personality.   🙂    

 But it’s like my mom always says….   the reason why our houses aren’t always the picture of perfection is that we like other things just as much as a clean house, like reading books.   With chocolate preferably.  

So I’m happy to move forward, hopefully I can get caught up and maybe stay in a good place, and even if not, who cares?   Soon my kids will all be grown up and in school and I can get caught up all day long and I’ll be sad.    Just like I’m sad that I don’t have a picture of William from yesterday, but seriously, he was moving way too fast, any picture would just be a blur.

One thought on “Confessions of a flibbertigibbet

  1. Hey, add me to the list of moms that love making schedules, but rarely follow them! I have one on my fridge that only works in the summer when I have to get things done before we head out for the weekend to the cottage (I hate coming home to a messy house.)
    THese days I’d rather crochet than clean!

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