Lost and not found

One thing that rots my socks more than anything is losing something and not being able to find it.   Typically in this house I live by the motto,   ‘A place for everything and everything in its place when I get around to putting it there’, so even though my house might look messy, everything is really just pining for its home.   This means I can typically put my hands on pretty much everything that I need when I need it.

But then there are things that come into this house that don’t ever end up with a home – like the blue-print drawings of a home’s entrance that Jason borrowed and brought home to show me what he would like to do to our house.  And do you suppose I can find these said drawings now that he has to give them back.  No – I cannot.  

Yesterday in my quest, I cleaned out drawers, checked nooks and crannies that apparently haven’t been disturbed in years – moved furniture and discovered a myriad of things that we never even knew were lost, but still no drawings.   And then I discovered that even though my motto says ‘A place for everything’ I didn’t quite realize that meant multiple places for everything.  As in; papers can be stored in the filing cabinet, in a drawer in the hutch, sometimes on top of the fridge, in a pinch on the counter in the laundry room, and other places I obviously no nothing about.    I pride myself on having no paper piles, but now I see it’s because I prefer to have a few pieces here and a few pieces there, rather than stacking them all in one place.

So the plans have still not been found, and at this point I’m not holding out any hope that they will be found, but I have discovered about 50 pieces of Lego that we weren’t missing, about a dozen pens,  and an assortment of odds and ends that are now waiting to be put back in their homes and you know what, now I’m thinking that sometimes I think I prefer things to be lost. 🙂

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