One of the reasons why I love Jason

I actually have something to talk about today and this is surprising when you consider before I went to sleep last night I was bemoaning the fact that today was going to be boring, a cool raining Monday with nowhere to go and two little girls to entertain.  Even the news about Osama Bin Laden late last night didn’t really seem exciting enough to change my mood, although Jason said it’s probably another conspiracy and he’s probably hanging out somewhere now with Elvis and probably Micheal Jackson, yeah probably.     

But in any event,  things weren’t boring at 2:00 when Sarah came in to say that Sophia needed me, poor Sophia who couldn’t even cry she was so raspy, and was having problems breathing.   Thankfully  Jason kept his head while I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and he suggested taking her outside into the cool air in case it was croup, and that did help some.   Tele-health helped even more when they called the ambulance because the nurse didn’t like the sound of her breathing and everyone knows that as soon as you call the ambulance things improve.  Thankfully the paramedics were very kind, took Sophia and I to the hospital just to make sure.  Yup, the doctors said it was croup, gave her a shot of steroids and sent us home.  Phew… it is so wonderful to have access to health care when you need it!  And to be treated with such kindness was another gift, especially when you are worried about coming across as a paranoid crazy mother who trots her child off to the hospital at any sign of a sniffle.  

And then today is the election day here in Canada and everyone knows just how exciting elections are.  Except that this is Canada and we seem to have them rather often, in which case they rather lose their thrill.   But I have been enjoying the commercials, the one’s where they rip the other parties to shreds, or the other ones where they get all emotional and stirring and promise us that their party will FINALLY make a difference or that Canada just won’t reach it’s potential unless THEY are in power, and you know what, in the moment, I actually believe them.  I tend to get caught up in emotionalism.  But again, Jason is right there pointing out the flaws and bringing things into reason. 

And that’s why I appreciate my husband so much, because he doesn’t think like me.  I think I can explain it best by borrowing some thoughts from Debbie Pearl when she says in her book “Created to be his Help Meet” that God designed us women to be sensitive and vulnerable – we are the way because we have little children we must nurture and we have to be quick to hurt, to love and to have compassion.    Whereas God made men different, she pictures them being heavily armored.  His armour is helpful both spiritually and physically – his nature is generally more doubting, skeptical, forceful and pushy.   Men also tend to question first and believe later,  and even when it comes to spiritual issues, men can seem less ‘spiritual’ then us women because of their objectivity and lack of intuitiveness.    She also states that “As a general rule, man is ruled more by his mind than the female, who is governed more by her sensibilities”. 

And I tell you last night was the perfect example, I was getting sucked into those campaign commercials – he could see right through them.   I was ready to believe anything the news told me (not that we don’t believe Osama is dead, I do!)- he questions.  And then when I lost my mind out of fear when Sophia was sick, he was there calmly sorting things through.    How wonderful to have a husband who questions first, believes later, looks at things objectively and can help steer my heart for me when I’m unsure of what to do and in doing this guards and protects me!     And I’m happy in my role as a nurturer (and really, I’m not that gullible)  and I’m glad Jason is my shield and protector and that’s just one of the reason why I love him.

One thought on “One of the reasons why I love Jason

  1. Did you know the world “gullible” isn’t even in the dictionary? Just kidding. I know you’re not! You’re sweet, bright, and sensitive and I would never ever call you gullible! Managing four kids and raising them up to be godly is an awesome responsibility! Yes, I like that our husbands are different from us!

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