I’m a caver…

As in, I tend to give in to my children.  If they ask for something and I can’t think of a good reason to say ‘no’ I typically say ‘yes’ – to Jason’s chagrin.    But in my defense I will say ‘no’ when it really counts or when I really have too.  It’s tough, but I power through.  So back to me giving in to my children, this is how they went to sleep last night…

 Erik and Will together in a play-tent that is WAY to small for them on their floor in their room and…

Sarah and Sophia squished together in Sarahs’ toddler bed. 

And even crazier than me letting them doing this – when I thought for sure that I’d be having to seperate them – is that they all fell asleep like the little angels they are.  Well sometimes they are angels, sometimes they are the opposite of angels but last night they for some reason didn’t distract each other and fell asleep rather promptly.   

I think it’s because they are’t dumb and didn’t want to ruin a good thing when they had it.   Nighty-night!

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