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Well since it’s been so long since my last post, there is a ton I could post about.  For instance I could post about what a nice relaxing  mother’s day I had and about the power-point presentation Erik made me as well as all the wonderful cards the kids gave to me.   And I could post about Jason’s birthday which was on Tuesday and how much we enjoyed celebrating that (as well as enjoying the the extra delicious cheese-cake his mom made for him).     But instead I think I will post about the newest addition to my side of the family… a sweet little girly born early Thursday morning, who I was thrilled to meet later that day…

Here she is,  sweet little Isabella, daughter to my youngest brother Dan and his wife Jenilynn…

And with proud mom in the background…

And looking like the little dolly she is…

She seemed like such a little peanut to me, me who gives birth to 10 lb children… I guess  it would stand to reason that little 7 lb 4 ounces of baby would seem SOOO tiny to me.    But it’s very good for me to get my baby fix, because I figured out while I was driving down to see her that in my heart of hearts I do want another baby.  But even though my heart says yes, my head says ‘NO’ even louder.  Probably something to do with my age, how achy and sore I was with Sophia and that it’s just time for this family to move on.

But I’m prefectly happy to enjoy other people’s babies and I’m looking foward to seeing Isabella again!

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