Me Too!

These are Sophy’s favourite words right now.  If she thinks anyone is going anywhere or doing anything, she immedicately pipes up,   “Me too?”   Or if she KNOWS something is going on it’s a more forceful, “ME TOO?”   This morning Jason told me to put William on a plane so he could get to the Dagobah system for some Jedi training and as always Sophia was right there with a “me too!”.  But somehow I just can’t see Sophia as a Jedi.

Here are a few more babies screaming, “Me too, ME TOO!”


Since I finally had my camera AND remembered to take pictures at my parent’s house… here is my neice Katy!  Sweet little Katykins, she has the best smile and I love how she is always so happy to see us.  She melts my heart, especially with her super-big smile.

Here she is with her dad, my brother…

She’s very huggable and smoochable.  So is this one…

Sophia and cousin Tyler were quite happy to swing and swing and swing and swing and swing.  And get pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed.   Thankfully that was Oma’s job…

Now Sarah – earlier this day we stopped by friends who have horses.  We went out in the paddock with about 7 horses and Sarah was not scared of these horses at all and was happy wandering around patting all of them.      So now she says that when she is an adult she is going to have a black horse named Black Beauty.  I don’t doubt it.

This is more Sophia’s style… on a snail no less.   Just right for her.

And last, I’ll leave you with a picture of my gang.  My gang who is growing up so fast.   Does this make you sad?  Me too!

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