Crazy Cannucks

It’s been said that to go swimming in Lake Huron on the Victoria Day weekend is a one-in-a-million chance – at least this  is what our little 9-year-old neighbour girl told me this weekend at the cottage.     She didn’t bring her bathing suit because she obviously felt the odds were not in her favour, I didn’t bring my bathing suit because I knew the odds would not be in my favour, in fact I bet that most people in cottage country along Lake Huron did not bring their bathing suits. 

This is probably due to the fact that cold and rainy has been the only thing on the menu this month. 

But my boys, well they did bring their bathing suits this weekend with full intentions on beating those odds and they did.  They went swimming in water that couldn’t have been much more than 60 degrees.     That’s just my  educated guess from when I stuck my big toe in.  It really felt as though if it were a few degrees cooler the lake would probably be solid, as in ice.  My little crazy Canucks.   And I would have loved to shown you a picture, but their mother is equally as crazy and deleted all her pictures off her camera before I copied them to my computer because I thought they were duplicate.  They were not duplicate.

Erik and Will were just as crazy though when they went swimming in our pool tonight and I know that it was cold,  67 degrees… very very cold.  I felt the need to bundle up just watching them.

What’s the problem? It’s just cold water.

Taking it to another level and actually jumping into it for fun.

Well I guess there’s no point in being young if you can’t be crazy once in a while.  I love these crazy little Canucks of mine!

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