Sophia is Two!

Two years today we brought her home, and everyone fell in love with her…

She loved to sleep and cuddle…

And was so chubby and yummy…

There was nothing I could do, she kept growing up…

We celebrated her 1st birthday at the cottage last year (because it was actually WARM last year in May!)

And now, a brief year later, she’s 2!  And today on her birthday, seen here ready to blow out the candles on her birthday pie… oh my Sophy, my Dophy, you have us all wrapped around your little finger.  I’m never sure whether you really don’t know, or you are aware of how much power you really have…

Either way, I love you, we all love you and you make the world a magical place for us all.
I thank the Lord everyday for you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetiepie!

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