What do you do?

What do you do when you bake a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that are just too moist and just fall apart when you try to pick them up.  Do you try to put them carefully away?  Or do you just stand there and eat them because it would be too hard to move them in one peice to a different container?   (Well I didn’t eat ALL of them,  maybe just 6)

And what do you do when your daddy puts your pj’s on and puts your onesie OVER your pj bottoms?  Do you care?  Or you do just look cute and somewhat like you are getting ready to do some aerobics and the year is 1989?  (And doesn’t the gorgeous couch just set the whole thing off?)

And what do you do if you just finished swimming for an hour and wanted to warm up in the sunshine?  Do you find a place to sit by yourself?  Or do you go and sit with your siblings and goof off and have a riot because you still apparently have some energy left.

I dunno, you tell me.

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