June, the busiest month of the year

Seriously, it is just me?   Probably, but I’m finding June so busy!   Between field trips and swimming in the pool, to gardening here and vegetable gardening with my uncle, to swimming lessons and soccer and going to the Lake for weekends, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going!

I did take some time a few Sunday’s ago to try to get some pictures of the kids, but I’m no professional and afterwards I realized the lighting was very splotchy, but here is what I ended up with…

So again, nothing professional, but I’m still pleased with them.    I am excited that a friend has offered to come and show me some more features of my camera,   I’m still using the auto feature on my camera and it’s a little embarrassing.

Well back to the grind here… thankfully it’s all work I enjoy (except making supper of course) and soon I get to add picking strawberries and making jam to the list, but I know that a mother’s work is never done and I’m not complaining because even if June is a busy month it’s still June and it’s summer and I love it!