2 unrelated events

So Friday morning Grandma and I went to watch William “graduate” from SK.  I didn’t get teary, probably because Will didn’t look like he liked being on display, but it was sweet to see all the kids in their graduation hats come in so proud.  The class then proceeded to sing us some songs and then we saw a beautiful slide-show of the kids that the teachers had put together from all the things they did all year.   Then we took pictures, ate some snacks and Will took the rest of the day off.  (I got his report card back and he missed 42 days this year… way to go Will!)

Now for some reason it never crossed my mind that Williams should probably wear a dress-up shirt to his ‘graduation’, but I didn’t think of it until he was at the bus-stop – just a tiny bit late.   So I mentioned it to him, but he just looked down at his purple t-shirt that blazon’s his old school’s name and crest and said simply, “This is a nice shirt”.   He’s such a boy.   Well  I wasn’t going to argue with him and I thought that perhaps I could bring a nice shirt and slip it on him before the grad.  Well that didn’t happen, the purple t-shirt got to stay and show it’s beautiful self to the world,  and since it’s just his SK grad I wasn’t too stressed.  Now if he wears a t-shirt to his high-school grad, or University grad, that might be a different story.   Here he is with his wonderful teacher…  she was amazing and Will really loved her…

And his partners in crime…  his best bud’s of kindergarden

His teacher says he is very ready for grade 1 and that’s always nice to hear.  He is reading really well and so we’re looking forward to grade 1 with hopefully anticipation.

And the other event, the very same day, this this sweetie went ‘poop’ on the potty.  I’m so proud, but I’m pretty sure it was just an result of excellent timing. I just can’t wait to have my last child potty trained and be done with diapers.   So I will be starting to train her in earnest next week (Lord willing) and I’m sure I’ll be checking in again to talk about the joys of potty-training!

Well all these milestones keep happening and we keep moving forward. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times, my kids are growing up way too fast!

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