Canada Day Weekend Highlights

Hight-light posts are the best… a picture really is worth 1000 word right?  So here are the high-lights from our 4 day weekend at the cottage.

Jason and I were so proud… Erik can water-ski! And not only did he get up the second time on Monday, but he also mastered deep water starts and he can get up on his own, way to go Erik!

Our good friends Collin and Carrie from Michigan were up at their cottage as well with their two kids who are William and Sarah’s age. These two were as thick as thieves. From the moment they see each other until it’s time to go, they are joined at the hip…

I was worried about Sophia not enjoying her first real boat ride in the Mastercraft since she likes to play things safe, but she really didn’t seem to mind even at full throttle, here are the girls waiting for their ride…

And when it was over, she didn’t want to get out, she wanted to drive!

Erik and William and I were supposed to go for a bike-ride, but 10 seconds into the ride Erik’s tire popped, so instead we drove to the ice-cream stand. I think the neon-coloured ice-cream tasted just the same…

We were also happy to spend some time with Liam and Aidan, it’s fun to watch the kids be together…

Sarah had a friend too in Dana. It’s neat because this is now the third generation of friends!

Erik made a new friend with the girl next door. She’s 9, she’s a riot and they had a great day together…

And as always lots of work was done by Grandma and Grandpa with some help from dad. Although this one looks ready I can’t honestly say she was that helpful…

And of course we celebrated at night on the beach with some fireworks. Here’s someone waiting patiently…

Happy Birthday Canada, we had a wonderful weekend celebrating!

2 thoughts on “Canada Day Weekend Highlights

  1. Great pictures Lisa! Way to go Erik! Do you ever look like your dad now. Looks like you all had a great weekend.


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