This is how I like it…

OK, so I want to update my blog and there are hundreds of things I can think to do a blog entry on, but since I can’t decide, I’ll just do the routine ‘what we’ve been up to’ post.

So, the boys were at day camp last week.  Erik went to Engineering camp and William went to sport’s camp thanks to Grandma and Grandpa.  They were at our local university and William played and played and Erik worked and worked and both were supremely happy.   Here’s Erik with his camp leader.  She just finished her first year of Engineering and she said her mother always knew that she would be an engineer too.   And she, like myself,  also thinks that Erik is smarter than her.

It was nice that I just had the girls all week, but having to make the boys lunches and be out the door at 8:30 felt a whole lot like having the kids back at school, with the added joy of driving through the University everyday where there is excessive road-work being done and drivers who just can’t seem to navigate it all. (I was probably one of them.) I have never been closer to yelling at drivers than I was that week, especially at the driver who just stopped in the middle of the road in front of me to ask a pedestrian directions, or the people who thought that since there was construction it was OK to pull into an intersection where they would be stuck when the light turned red, so to block my lane when my light turned green. Good heavens people, stay off the road if you can’t drive. 🙂  There, out of my system.

And then Saturday morning just for fun we packed the kids up for a 4(plus) hour trip up North to the Muskoka’s to drop our water-ski boat off for some friends who are spending a week up there.    Our kids do road trips well thanks to the many hours spent in the vehicle going to the cottage or to Oma and Opa’s and the kids were excited that they were finally allowed to watch TV in the  Suburban (or the boo-boo as Sophia calls it) as their mean ole’ parents won’t let them watch TV on any trip less than 2 hours.  I know I know, we just can’t get with the times.

So even though we spent the day with our friends at the cottage they had rented, we spent the night in this cute little trailer at a Christian conference centre nearby.  The kids LOVED the tiny little trailer, it was all cute and miniature and they loved the nooks and cranny’s and little cupboards. They were sorry to leave it Sunday morning. I was not.  I have no idea how on earth to keep 4 active children quiet in a trailer park that seems to be inhabited mostly by grandparent type people who probably like things quiet.   I’m sure a big sigh of relief was heard after our departure.

But Saturday was a day to be remembered. Here are the kids and our wonderful friend Laura swimming in Mary Lake…

And Jason explaining the workings of the boat to Laura’s dad…

And I have to say that this mother-of-four got back up on a slalom ski the first try that day and loved every minute of being up on a ski and behind the boat again.   Even though Jason and I water-skied a ton before kids, I haven’t had much opportunity to try again these past 8 years as I’ve been pretty busy with babies, but  now with babyhood almost behind us, I’m looking forward to a  future with plenty of water-skiing fun for  the whole family.

So we came back again Sunday and again the kids did great although it’s really not as much fun coming home.  And now this week we are just relaxing and doing alot of swimming…  just how I like it.  Here’s a pic of Sophia paddling around the pool earlier this evening …

And I’ll leave you with a clip Jason took last week of the kids swimming underwater,  my little fishes!   P.S. The clicking sound underwater is our creepy crawly – the continual vacuum that keeps our pool clean.

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