So both boys placed soccer this year.   There almost isn’t much more to say than that to be honest.   In the early spring when you have to register the kids I was looking around at all the different soccer leagues offered in our city and the league William played in last year was good, but for both boys to play this year would have meant 2 nights a week for Erik – one practice, one game, and then one practice night for William and he would play a game on Saturdays.  Four trips out a week for soccer didn’t appeal to us for some reason so I found a smaller league that did both ages the same night and was only an hour.

Perfect! I thought…  and at the beginning it did seem that way.  It was nice just having to go one night and everything seemed kosher, but when the adult coach for Erik’s team backed out, they didn’t replace her –  they just decided to let the 14 year old helper run the team.  Then things went down-hill.   He did as well as he could, don’t get me wrong, but the kids weren’t coached at ALL, I mean nada, nothing, zero zip.  His practices were useless and I don’t think the kids learned anything.    But before we really figured this out we decided to move William up to Erik’s team.  You see William was playing with the kids his age and younger and was running circles around him and scoring all the goals and we thought he would be better off with the big kids, but it didn’t really work out like we hoped.  He needed some coaching, didn’t get it, was a little intimidated by the big kids and I feel like he regressed a little.

But enough whining, when you look at the bigger picture you would see that the kids enjoyed it, it was good exercise for them, most of the nights were beautiful as it was a nice venue.    Even without coaching Erik probably should have gotten “the most improved player” award as he did awesome.    Their team bonded and we made some friends.  So really, what more could you ask?  It’s not like we are going for gold here,  but when you child’s team didn’t win ONE game the entire season, it can be quite an experience of frustration for the parents.   But it’s over and I think next year the boys will be play tennis. 🙂

They were happy to receive their medals…

And the boy were happy because to celebrate the end of the season there was face painting and balloons and a BBQ.    I didn’t get a picture of Sarah’s balloon, but thankfully Oma took a picture of Sophia and her Elmo…

Those girls certainly deserved something for coming every week!  But here are the boys.  We have NO idea why Erik got what he did, but there is no understanding how that boy’s mind works.

So that was that.  Thanks to Oma and Opa who came last night and cheered the boys on,  we’re just cheering now that it’s done!

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