A new baby

Well I’m glad to see I haven’t earned any “Most Boring Blog of the Summer” awards, although I probably deserve one. I keep meaning to blog, I have great intentions to blog, but then I go for a swim with the kids or go pick some more cucumbers out of my garden until the feeling goes away.

But this, this is blog worthy. My newest niece, born July 22 to Jason’s sister… she’s a keeper…

She’s just a little sweetie pie, we went over to see her again yesterday and here I am getting my baby fix along with her older brothers

She’s going to have to watch her step with two big brother’s keeping their eye on her! There is something so sweet about a little girl with two older brothers.    Although it seems in our family right now big brothers are a perfect target for a pesky little sister, but I’m hoping that  one day Sarah will appreciate her big brothers (or the friends they bring home).   And hopefully the boy’s protective instincts towards her kick-in when Sarah starts school in September!

And I just have to share my failed attempt at a picture of all the kids.  Even with Jason’s help we couldn’t convince Sarah to smile and so then end result, well here it is,

But it doesn’t matter, Sophia looked a little dazed and confused anyway  so I’ll just have to keep trying.

So that’s all for this post, I will try to post more in the days to come, I promise!




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