Oats peas beans and barley grow…

They do grow, but not in my garden because frankly there just wouldn’t be room!  Yes, this year because I don’t have enough things to occupy my time,  I’m a proud partner and care-taker of a massive garden.    My uncle and I are doing it together at his house and it’s been a lot of fun.  As a child I remember working in the garden at home and perhaps not loving it, but now that I’m an adult and it’s MY garden, I have to say I really enjoy it.  It’s just tough finding the time to go over to work in it and a little bit tougher convincing the kids that they want to go.   But when they get there, they do just  fine.

Here is a picture of it almost a month ago…

Yes, it does go all the way back to the poles that are for the pole beans and there is also a huge chunk of it over to the left behind the cedar trees.   Massive.   Now as for Sarah in the pictures I would have to say that she is the most interested in the garden and she’s a great helper – she weeds and helps pick beans and says nice things to the pumpkins …

Our pumpkins.  This was one of our babies a month ago, he’s massive now, about 3 times the size and we have about 8 pumpkins in all.   It’s so exciting and the kids just love watching them grow bigger and bigger and bigger!

We also have green and yellow beans in our garden- we ate a ton and I put some in the freezer –  tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, leeks, onions, an assortment of peppers, pole beans, zucchini and potatoes, beets and carrots.   We’ve already eaten potatoes and beets and cucumbers as well as the beans  nothing beats produce out of your own garden.

And now I have to put a plug in here to thank my uncle John because he’s been so kind to let me do this with him.  I’ve really enjoyed the time spent working with him and the kids now know him much better and he gives them Freezies so they are huge fans… of his… and the Freezies.

So life continues on here.  Yesterday we spend the day with my mom as she’s recovering from a tear in her retina.  And it sure isn’t fun for her to have to be lying on her right side ALL the time, for TWO week, ALL the time.    I wish I could do more for her, but we are praying for her constantly and we know that God is in control and has her in His wonderful capable hands.

Back to produce, the most interesting of subjects…  today I did some peaches up for the winter.  I made 2 batches of freezer jam and froze slices for smoothies and then made filling for 2 pies to freeze.  It’s so cool what you find  on the net because when I was looking for how to do this, somewhere ‘they’ said  to freeze the peach filling in an empty pie shell and once it’s frozen, transfer it to a plastic bag, so when you want to make pie you just make the crust and plop your frozen peaches inside already in the right shape and then bake.  Easy peasy.  Someone was thinking and I’m always happy to benefit from other’s most excellent ideas.

Well soon there will be blueberries to freeze, tomatoes to do something with – maybe salsa?   Potatoes to dig up,  pears to can and pumpkins to turn orange.  But that just seems like fall so I’ll stop right there.

I’m still enjoying my summer with my crazy kids.

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