She’s not the first and won’t be the last

Jason and I are sad. Very very sad.    See we’ve lost something we really loved and while we eventually will in all likely-hood get it back, for now it’s gone.    It started on Saturday when Sarah found a pair of small craft scissors, wondered if they would cut her hair, they did, quite nicely too, so she continued cutting until she had taken quite a huge chunk of her beautiful blond hair off.   I think I was almost devastated.   Not many people have hair like Sarah’s, golden, wavy, I actually envy her hair.  She gets complimented quite often, and maybe that’s why she though enough was enough, she’s never been one to like being pretty (except for daddy of course).    So it’s going to have to get fixed (after our family pictures we have booked for Tuesday when I’m  totally going to fudge her chopped locks) and she’ll end up with a chin-length bob.  And so I’m sad I won’t be sending her to kindergarten in cute piggy-tails or braids.  But after my good friend Mary – who has been around longer than me and is much wiser – pointed out that everything happens for a reason, I am now feeling  cautiously optimistic that maybe a new shorter hair-do for Sarah might be easier come September when I have to get her out the door by 8:30 every morning.

And on the subject of looks and even though I’m sad that Sarah will be losing some of her natural beauty due to hair loss…  I like this article that my friend posted on her blog… how to talk to little girls… by Lisa Bloom.  I myself have been guilty of focusing on little girl’s looks rather than then as persons, so I see there is some improvements I can make in this area.

So I know it will grow and it’s defintly not the end of the world.  It’s probably actually some sort of rite-of-passage for 4 year old’s with long hair and I can take comfort in knowing she’s not the first and won’t be the last little girl to chop their own locks!

6 thoughts on “She’s not the first and won’t be the last

  1. Thanks girls! I actually dreamt about Sarah’s hair all last night and I find myself looking foward to next week when we can get it cut and move on! And I don’t know why the link doesn’t work, I’ll have to check it.. sorry!

  2. She is totally cute even with the bloched hair cute!!!!!!!! With her personalily she could pull off any hair cut short/long! She’s a beauty inside and out! If only she sould smile at Chris! Miss you guys already!

  3. oh trauma Lisa! I dread this day (which is sure to come!). I will mourn Sarah’s pretty hair with you… although she will probably LOVE a cute and no-fuss bob, knowing her! Looking forward to seeing her new style and the family pics!

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